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How to Take the Subway
to Laguardia from Manhattan

04.03.2017 Written by Rob

How to Take the NYC Subway from Laguardia to Manhattan

Escape Laguardia and get to Manhattan for the price of a subway ticket

If you’re planning a trip to NYC, you’re probably not coming here to hang out in the airport that many flight attendants jokingly refer to as “LaGarbage.” This guide will help you get from New York’s Laguardia airport to Manhattan for the price of a subway ticket ($2.75 as of Spring 2017) saving you a bundle over the cost of a taxi. Follow these steps (and/or watch the video) to take the city’s Q70 Laguardia Link bus to the nearest subway stop in Jackson Heights where you can get on the E, F, M, R, or 7 trains:

Step 1: Purchase a MetroCard

A NYC MetroCard gives you access to New York City’s subways and buses. They can be purchased at MetroCard machines where you can load money on a card and have the price of a trip deducted each time you use it, or get unlimited ride cards that offer unlimited rides for a certain time period (a week or month). Either type of card will work for this trip. If you go with the pay-per-ride card, getting to Manhattan as described here will cost you this price of one trip ($2.75 as of Spring 2017).

Terminals B, C, and D at Laguardia now each have their own MetroCard machines. In terminals C and D, the machines are in the Welcome Center on the baggage claim level. In terminal B, follow the “Public Bus” sign upstairs from baggage claim and out the doors to access the Metro Card machines right before you step outside.

Step 2: Find the Bus Stop

There’s no subway that connects directly to Laguardia so you’ll need to take the Q70 Laguardia Link bus which connects travelers to the nearest subway stop: Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Ave. Follow the signs for public buses and look for the green waiting shelter outside terminals B, C, and D. If you happen to have flown into terminal A (usually only serving Delta flights from Chicago and Washington, DC) where the Q70 bus doesn’t stop, you can take one of the free Laguardia shuttles to the other terminals from the terminal A bus stop.

Step 3: Get a Bus Ticket

The Q70 bus is an SBS bus which requires you to buy your ticket before you board using one of the ticket machines next to the bus stop. Press the Start button, insert your MetroCard and take the receipt which is your ticket. Make sure you keep the receipt with you the entire time you’re on the bus. The city enforces this ticketing system by randomly boarding buses and handing out hefty fines to riders without tickets.

Step 4: Take the Bus

Now that you have your ticket, let’s get on the bus. When you see a bus approach look for “Laguardia Link” on the digital marquee in the bus’ windshield to verify it’s the correct bus. Most Q70 buses have luggage racks middle where you can put your suitcase so you can sit down without blocking the aisle.

Step 5: Transfer to the Subway

After stopping at the airport terminals, the next stop on the Q70 bus is Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue where you can transfer to the subway. The E, F, M, R, and 7 trains stop at this station. Consult Google Maps or the NYC subway map to find the station and train that is most convenient to your destination. It’s also a good idea to check the mta.info website to make sure the train you plan to take isn’t scheduled for any major changes.

Swiping your MetroCard to enter the subway will grant you a free transfer from the bus so won’t have to pay for this second leg of the trip. The Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue station is well marked with signs directing you upstairs for the 7 or downstairs for the E, F, M, or R. If you’re going to Manhattan, make sure you follow signs for the Manhattan bound platform so you don’t board the train going in the opposite direction.

A trip to midtown usually takes about an hour when buses and trains are running smoothly. Have a great time while you’re in NYC. At the end of your trip, make sure you check out my video and guide on taking the subway to Laguardia from Manhattan.