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How to Take the Subway
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08.16.2017 Written by Rob

How to Take The Bolt Bus From New York City to Washington DC, Boston, or Philadelphia

Get tickets for as low as $1

Why you would want to leave the best city in the world, I don't know. But if for some reason you do, NYC is host to plenty of affordable and convenient travel options to other nearby east coast cities like Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Baltimore, and their suburbs like Cherry Hill, NJ and Greenbelt, MD. Last week, I took the Bolt Bus to Washington DC. I purchased a ticket two days in advance for $17 vs the $150 it would have cost for a ticket on Amtrak. Check out my video on YouTube to see the entire trip and if you fill out the quick form at the top of the page, I will send you my free top tips on taking the Bolt Bus including how to get boarding Group A, finding $1 tickets, and how to travel on an earlier or later bus than you're ticketed for.